Manage Your Airbnb With Alexa

Add a voice assistance to all your vacation listings

smart speaker my host alexa

Alexa for Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO

My Host allows you to customize your Alexa device and set responses unique to your area. Limit the time spent answering frequently asked questions and give your guests a tool to get to know the area.

Personalized Devices

Pull in local insights unique to your listing and provide your guest with a personalized experience.

Your Virtual Co-Host

Alexa will answer frequently asked questions from guests about your listing.

All in One Channel Manager

Manage all your listings in one place with the Host Portal. Make changes instantly.

Scale to Multiple Lisitngs

Easily deploy 1 listing or multiple for your vacation rentals.

alexa device manager
Set up your listing in a few steps

"Alexa, Ask My Host"

Recommend restaurants, bars, and things to do that make your listing stand out. Set up multiple devices and manage them all in one place.

To recommend great places to eat

What's there to do around here?

Where's a great place to grab a drink?

What do I do for checkout?

How do I connect to the wifi?

House Rules

Single Host Plan
Your first listing is on us
Always Free
  • For 1 Listing
  • Full access to Host Dashboard
  • Custom Responses
  • FAQ
  • Support
Professional Host Plan
For the dedicated host with multiple lisitngs
Contact For More Info
  • 1-10 Listings
  • Full access to Host Dashboard
  • Full Features
  • FAQ
  • Support

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